Our wedding party

We are truly blessed with some of the best friends and family anyone could have. We are excited that these particular ones will be standing with us on our wedding day.

Dana's attendants
  • Jessica York, Maid Of Honor
    Jessica and Dana are 3 months apart in age. They are cousins but grew up practically like sisters. They have experienced a lot of life together from Dana being locked in a closet to Jessica having a remote-controlled car rolled up in her hair. Life certainly would not be the same without Jessica in it.
  • Denielle Braun, Matron Of Honor
    Denielle and Dana met during their first year of medical school and began becoming close friends during their second year. Denielle is a phenomenal role model for a godly wife and is going to be a fantastic physician. Dana's experience in medical school would not have been as rewarding without Denielle.
    Since Dana's last name is changing to Brown, she will be sitting next to Denielle at graduation and wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Sarah Cutright, Bridesmaid
    Sarah (a.k.a Nerd 2) started her freshman year at Guilford when Dana was a senior. They quickly became close friends and worked together in the Sports Information Department under the best bossman ever. Sarah played softball at Guilford and was a leader in Campus Outreach. Sarah is definitely a very cherished friend. It is a blessing just to know her.
  • Melissa Wilks, Bridesmaid
    Melissa (affectionately called "Wuss"), Dana, and Tyler all met during their freshman year of college.
    Melissa and Dana had many science classes together and shared a house one summer. They have survived hailstorms, movie nights, tons of movie quotes, no power, a chinchilla, hair dye, and countless laughs together.
    Tyler and Dana couldn't imagine their wedding without Melissa standing up there with both of them.
Tyler's attendants
  • Jordan Boughman, Best Man
    Jordan and Tyler met during a church Christmas party in 2007 and unknowingly had the same thought that the other was rather goofy. Little did they know that this was the start of a great friendship. Over the next several years they would travel together as a snowboarder and a skier, grow beards, have dreadlocks, and find wives while supporting each other along the way.
  • Zach Griffin, Groomsman
    Zach (aka Freez) and (DownTown) Tyler Brown met way back in elementary school. They became best friends during high school where they ran cross country and track. They traveled to Bass Lake for several runs, survived The Bear, and attended Cornerstone Festival. During their college years, they went to separate schools but still managed to race against each other. As they continued their walk with Christ, they traveled to foreign countries spreading the gospel and shared their stories with one another.
  • Caleb Crow, Groomsman
    Caleb and Tyler grew up together in church where Caleb’s dad was Tyler’s youth pastor. In high school, they played in the marching and concert band together. Since high school, they have reconnected and become even closer friends. They attend a Bible study together and spend a lot of time fellowshipping by playing video games.
  • David Payne, Groomsman
    David and Tyler met while climbing trees with mutual friends in 2007. They both were part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where they attended conferences and events. During Tyler’s senior year at Guilford, they reconnected at a church in Greensboro and have remained great friends.
  • Cody Lankford, Usher
    Cody and Tyler met through Tyler’s cousins while attending the same church. They traveled to several youth and college events together. As the years have continued their friendship continued to grow and strengthen. They have also been known to throw a lot of flat-ball (frisbee) and play disc golf together.
  • Dayton Sigmon, Usher
    Just like Cody, Dayton and Tyler met through the same group of friends while attending church. Likewise they share an enjoyment of disc golf and will one day play in a legit disc golf tournament. They are also involved with the youth group where they are co-leaders for the high school boys' small group discussions on Wednesday nights.
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